Monday, January 28, 2008

First bento in a while

I've made bento in the past, but today I'm committing myself to making them more often.

This bento
Rice with furikake, dashimaki tamago with hijiki, braised spinach sprinkled with nutmeg -- and the three items that tag me as a foreigner: soy chocolate pudding, Diet Pepsi and an ambrosia apple. Americans and our sweets...

I hope the spinach is good. I love spinach, and I heard that it's good with nutmeg, but I've never tried it. Braising it sounded like a good idea. That's two huge handfuls of spinach leaves in that tiny little compartment, there. Lots of nutrition.

I was all ready to take this to work with me, but road conditions have me working from home. Oh well! I couldn't have a tastier lunch.

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